Wow how time flies.

I can’t believe how quickly time flies by, it’s another new month in another new year and I am still trying to catch up with last years  work!!!!

I realised that after months of literally going through hell, one problem after another that it’s left me feeling very anxious and short-tempered.  My normal placid, peaceful self has packed up her bags and travelled to sunnier climates, leaving behind well me, old grumpy pants.

Despite the fact that my life is currently better than its been in a long, long time I can’t enjoy it because I am still trying to recover from my past, not such as easy thing to let go of as it happens.

With my new house ready though, my lovely new kitchen and bathroom fitted and a wonderful garden for the kids to play in, I feel the need to leave the old me behind, I am determined not to pack it up like everything else over the next few weeks but to simply throw it away. And I have decided to do so with the help of some wonderful women who have over come many of their own battles.  The first lady’s blog has settled my heart and made me feel ready to start a fresh in the morning.



The Confident Mom (  Susan who provides much needed support and empowerment for moms and families. Despite being across seas her message travels far and wide and her advice has certainly made me feel like my old self again.



I have joined up to her mini series aimed at helping moms regain their inner and outer calm, with helpful videos and print outs you can re-focus and touch base with the peaceful you.  I am genuinely looking forward to progressing through this series and I hope some of you other moms will join me too.

thI have also been reading the ‘Apology’ by Plato this week the story of Socrates’ trial, there is one particular line that has blown me away this week so simple yet astounding :

“A person who is good for anything ought not to calculate the chance of living or dying; he ought only to consider whether in doing anything he is doing right or wrong – acting the part of a good or bad person.”


I love this line it made me think about how easily we forget about what’s really important when we are racing through each day trying to just survive, it’s all to easy to forget ourselves and what is really important.