Lost and depressed or just need to let of steam, help is out there.

ImageThis week I have touched on the very serious issue of depression, I related some of past experiences and how i developed depression which in turn changed my whole personality and the way I viewed and did things.

The thought of walking out on my children even for a week as I did at the start of the year horrifies me yet these were my actions,  my mind was so altered and broken I simply could no longer function.  Since then I have had to find coping strategies, ways to bring myself out of the darkness and anxiety that seems to appear as quick as the flick of switch and sometimes for no apparent reason.

I remember meeting with a therapist who had a lovely way of helping me understand why i seemed to loose it even when I was having or had had the best day ever.  She asked me to envision a pot, starting at my neck and ending below my belly button.  This pot is where all my feelings go in, good, bad you name they are all in there.  Now a person who has good control over his/her emotions put all the feelings in this pot which is gently simmering on the heat, the lid of this pot is slightly opened so nothing boils over, with people who suffer from depression etc the lid on there pot is closed, it opens the feeling goes in and it closes.  So even on your good days when all those happy feelings are going in, if the pot is then full it has to explode leaving you feeling lost and miserable not understanding whats happened.  

Learning that all emotion is good, even anger can be positive and working with each feeling will allow your pot to stay on a gentle simmer and help you cope with emotion.

Now although this explanation really helped me understand why my meltdowns could happen trying to deal with my emotions was a whole different story.

The advice she gave me was great but because of my personal situation I was simply not able to apply her advice successfully there were too many outside factors that prevented me in the weak state that I was from being able to implement them. So what can we do!!!

One tiny, tiny goal at a time that’s how.  

I don’t know about you but I am incredibly hard on myself expecting perfection when there is simply non to found, it frustrates me how easily others seem to manage their daily lives while I am trailing behind.

The simple truth is if we want to heal we need to take action, we need to take a look around us and do an inventory of our lives is there something in particular that we can pinpoint our depression to some incident which started it all off if yes how can you go about healing from that incident.

Maybe you have been told there is some chemical imbalance that causes your depression and you are stuck on the meds for life.

Below are a couple of very interesting articles you can read on this subject:




(Please remember that for those who struggle with depression as a result of illnesses such as Bi-polar while the information can help you should not mess with your medication before discussing thing with your doctor)

The simple fact is there are hundreds of reasons why we may feel the way we do the real issue is what are we going to do about it!! It’s never going to be perfect, scars don’t just disappear but they do and can fade if you stop picking at them.  

So the first step is to stop beating yourself up and start taking care of yourself.

This week my posts will follow a theme with steps you can take to help yourself on the path to feeling much better if not recovery. I will record the various sources I got the advice from so you can bookmark these sites and return to them when you need to.

I am in this to, this is my daily battle as well so lets try together, lets support each other and move forward to a brighter future.

Cheryl xoxo


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