You want progress not perfection!!

One of the blogs I enjoy reading is Courtney’s women living well, although our religious beliefs are different our foundation for using the bible to teach our children is the same.  I often speak to my children about the scripture at Ephesians:

(Ephesians 6:1-3) 6 Children, be obedient to YOUR parents in union with [the] Lord, for this is righteous: 2) “Honor your father and [your] mother”; which is the first command with a promise: 3) “That it may go well with you and you may endure a long time on the earth. . .

As part of our daily home schooling schedule at about 9:15 am we sit down for morning worship which consists of studying a different piece of bible literature that is relevant to our family needs and teaches us how to serve god better, the following link has a display of some of the books we use during morning morning , and although not shown the bible is our main tool.

We take just half an hour each morning to do this and then at 9:45 we do what I call Character study, we pick a theme such as obedience, kindness etc and run that theme through the week we will look at the follwoing things

Ex: Monday :       What is Obedience/what does it mean to be obedient

      Tuesday:      Bible examples of Obedient and disobedient individuals – discuss outcomes

      Wednesday:  Choose one character who showed outstanding obedience and in our character study books we will write down examples of that persons obedience and scriptures highlighting how god felt about that individual , how obedience protected them. 

The following link takes you to free bible resources, the bible cards we print out and stick to the top of the page and then write information about the character underneath, there are also other lessons to cut out and colour in.            

Bible character cards  We looked at King David overall he was an outstanding example of obedience but also demonstrates how when we stray from that path things can go so badly.


On Thursday we look do an over view of what we have learnt and think about ways we can demonstrate obedience in our daily lives, the importance of it, it is a good time to find out what the children really feel about developing these qualities and if they think they are important.

On Fridays: its role play time, we will do small plays fro example I will be the older person trying to offer the younger a cigarette or encourage them to do something bad and each child has the opportunity to think and act out what they could and would do.  There are so many great ways this can be done and work and the kids love it.

Leading back to the post from Courtney, my youngest son is 7 and no matter what we seem to do, he is very rebellious and it almost seems is looking for trouble, it has been playing on my mind greatly as I do see my children’s behavior an example of how they are being trained.  The video blog from Courtney helped me think about what a perfect parent god was and yet Adam and Eve still made the decision to disobey and to think about the progress we have made with our little ones.  I definitely need to discuss this with God more my prayers in this area have been lacking but I am grateful for the other wonderful moms out there who so kindly share their knowledge and experience with us.

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2 thoughts on “You want progress not perfection!!

  1. I like how you broke down your week and examples of how you go over Character traits – as there are many blogging mamas who talk about this, but don’t outline it. For some of us who are not creative it’s nice to have a “for example” to go off of.

    • Hi Marissa, thank you for your comment, to be honest I find that with teaching three children I have to explain things so much it has just become part of my nature even when not required- i find myself speaking to adults and actually have to remember they are not one of my students!! 🙂 Please fell free to get in touch anytime if you need any advice x

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