Cost effective Art & craft

My kids love Art and Craft lessons, they go through art materials so fast though it can be difficult at times to keep the costs low. I took a look around the Hobby Craft sale although I love their stuff I often find it can be a bit on the expensive side but the sale was fantastic. So thought I would share some of purchases with you including art lessons ideas and maybe you will be able to pick up a few deals of your own. Please feel free to comment and share your own Art & craft ideas I would love to hear them.

hobbycraft header

blue visor 49p

foam shapes 99p

My kids loved these visors and at only 49P each they were a great deal, they came in all sorts of colours and some were even glittered, i purchased the foam shapes at 99p for a pack and they have sticky backs so the kids can just peel and stick saving mess and glue. Ok I know visors are a summer thing but my son has been wearing his around the house he is very proud of his work.

foil picture maker 1.49

These foil pictures were down to £1.49 each, and my kids just love them, I normally pay around £3.00 for one of these but they keep the kids entertained for hours, so picking them up for such a great price was fantastic and there was a huge variety of pictures. Some of the ones the kids have done have looked amazing and I have picked up cheap frames for them to hang in the classroom.

I also picked up several packs of art and craft materials including a pack of plain wooden people for 99p, we will be using those in winter wonderland display the kids can makes hats etc for them and they will look great on the display.

sewing kit 99

This little sewing kit was just 99p and again came in a whole range of animals great for little fingers to practice their sewing skills.


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