Home schooling where to begin?


My eldest is 4yr old, will be 5 end of September so not strictly speaking home-schooled yet.

What would you be teaching a 5yr old?

I think the most important thing to do is decide what your home schooling style is, there are so many different methods of home educating you need to decide what you feel the most comfortable with, there are a whole host of books out there to read and it’s true to say that your child’s learning actually begins with you learning. Your a teacher now and reading and planning will be a big part of your life.

There are literally thousands of home educating sites around the world with resources for pre school and young children. One of the sites I relly enjoy using is the leap frog printable worksheets


they are grouped in age order and help children with their bright colorful designs. My kids loved these, and the worksheets gave me plenty of my own ideas for developing lessons.

Make an alphabet display at home, a number display just introduce the basics, a plus sign a subtraction sign etc turn these into art and craft lessons kids love that.

Just start small and take each day step by step you don’t have targets to meet or inspections to adhere to you can do what ever you like.

Have a good look online and ask at your library if you can take out an educators tab, you need to be registered with the council to do this but it is well worth it as you get access to the educators library as well saving you thousands of pounds not having to buy certain materials.

If you don’t want to register with the council amazon and ebay have loads of great books to choose from, as well as online blogs aimed at moms teaching younger children.


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