Getting ready for the month ahead.


I love discovering new website especially ones as great as the money saving mom, I have been following her site for a while now and it never gets old. I jumped on board the freezer cooking days about a year ago now and have found them in be incredibly worthwhile. Like many home educating families time and money are precious, we need the time to teach and we need the income to provide the best resources and activities to our kids.

I found that food shopping was becoming a nightmare, especially when trying to balance it between caring for three children and a home and schooling, i would often feel very tired by the end of the day and not always so keen on cooking up healthy meals – it’s easier to pop a pizza in the oven or something similar. However since I started freezer cooking days this has not been the case.

Using the following resources provided by the money saving mom website :

I will purchase a bulk load of food products and then spend the day cooking . For example I decided to go really cheap and purchase the frozen bags of mince from farm foods (the quorn mince works great as well) – previously I was buying from asda in the packs the frozen stuff is cheaper if you are really trying to cut down. I would cook the beef and onions together then split into different pan, one for lasange, one for spag bog, one for mince pies etc and then finish cooking with the appropriate spice. I make up dishes such as chicken enchiladas, chicken curry, chicken pie mix. I make home made marinara and free some and keep the rest in the fridge.

Making your own tomato ketchup and apple chutney etc is cheap and healthy way to ensure your children are getting less preservatives in their diet. We also make home made granola which is amazing and both freezes and keeps well in the cupboard the kids love it with milk or yogurt.

Yes it’s hard work on the day but when the freezer is full and meals and snacks planned for the month its well worth it. Remember you can make up chapati dough, pizza dough etc the list is endless.


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