Sale shopping

I am not a big fan of shopping in the sales simply because I always have the kids with me and I am not a big fan of being poked and prodded every two second by people who have no patience.  However I did decided to brave it today and take a look in our local Entertainer toy shop and was very pleased I did, I managed to get some great educational tools that were not available to buy from their website.  

These National Geographic puzzles were down to just £2.00 each that’s 75% off their original price and they are at least £6.99 from Amazon new.  I managed to get panda and an elephant floor puzzle.  I also picked up several other jigsaws and floor puzzle for just £1.40 each a huge saving and great for rainy days or just some quiet time with the kids.  

A great idea to keep jigsaw puzzles fun is to create a treasure map with them.  Write up clues and leave a piece of the puzzle in the hidden spot, the kids will love finding the pieces (if’s there are a lot of pieces I suggest putting the pieces in groups according to how many clues you leave.)   You can always through in a few sweets or treats to make finding those jigsaw pieces that bit more exciting.  




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