It’s cold outside!!

Oh my goodness, how cold is it getting outside, it’s so frosty it looks like we have had a good covering of snow!!

Last week I got in touch with a local home schooling group called HELM they can be found on yahoo or click on their link at education otherwise website.  I have found so many activities taking place for home schoolers which I had no idea were avaliable!! For all you home schoolers who have not found a group to join I would seriously sugguest that even if it is one outside of your immediate area, get in touch!! A little travel may be required but it is well worth it.

We attened a group today and at first the kids were not so sure, but after a while they had really settled in and were running around laughing and joking and getting involved with the Art & craft sessions it was great.  I met some lovely moms today and some seriously lovely children.  The thing I noticed was how social and friendly these children were – who says home schooled children are wierd? and can’t socialise?

I think this is far more a case of what the parents do with children and not with the children themselves if the parents want the children to socialise they will!! And so many home schooling familes are seen as people who want to wrap their children in cotton wool and save them from the world.  Groups like this just prove other wise a big well done to all the moms who put in the time and effort to plan and hold these events you are a tribute to us all 🙂

These moms were not sitting on the sidelines will their kids played they were involved right there with them at the art and craft tables and joining in the French lessons.  Many of the groups I took my children to when they were younger were very much a case of children plonked in the middle of the room to play while mom sat and had a chat!! I was one of those moms!! (not so say every mom did this but most of us did)   This was completely different the moms were as interested in learning and playing as the kids, it was a wonderful atmosphere, with great moms.





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