Having some fun with how to be a dad.

I found this site today www.howtobeadad.com and there were some hilarious illusatrtionson there so have pinched a few for my blog seriously worth a good look.






Parents calorie burner.

I found this on another blog and thought how lovely this is, and a much nicer way to find out how to burn off a few extra pounds.

Funny Friday – the things our children say – so cute!!!

My son saw a dwarf walking down the road, and called  out pointing & jumping up and down (it was the first time he had seen a dwarf):

 “look mommy, it’s a little daddy.”

Of course feeling myself turn purple with embarrassment I quietly tried to explain that it was not nice to say such things, that he had something  different inside his body that made him little, and it was not nice to point it out.

At this my son replies:

 ” don’t be silly mommy, he will be fine, he just needs to drink more milk!!”

I couldn’t help but laugh and think how amazingly sweet our children can be in their minds the whole world is so simple and all you need is a biscuit and a glass a milk to put it right.


Inspirational Pictures to make you smile.

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I knew I was getting the flu, and its hit hard today – it’s horrible being sick so I decided to keep my post light and fun today with some of the great pictures I have picked up that make me smile.

To get these pictures for yourself simply right click on the image and save to your computer.