Just because I home ed doesnt mean you have to justify why you dont.

I am really getting fed up in some ways of how people even my friends keep trying to make me feel bad because I have made the decision to home school and they havent. 

When I see parents take their children to school not a single thought goes through my mind, I don’t judge them, hate them disagree with them, each person has the right to raise their children the way they wish.

However when people realise I home school my children, and in fact have taken them out of school suddenly it seems that so many of them feel they need to justify the reason that they don’t home school and reel of a list of reasons why they had thought about home schooling yet just could never cope with it and how school produces such rounded out individuals and really I am not helping my children by sheltering – do they even have a clue?

Fair enough if you have tried it or put in the time to research it properly  and feel it’s not right than say so, but don’t try to make other feel bad just because you think that as a home schooling parent we think we are better – it’s just not true.

No one should have to defend their reasons for putting their children in school or teaching them at home, explain and give experience yes, but not defend its not fair.

I know I shouldnt let this get me annoyed but after months you would have thought that some people would have found something else to talk about I am still human, and have other interests, I don’t want to spend all my time talking about why I home school.  Yet when you become annoyed people feel they have found the weak link in your armour that your being overly sensitive because you know really what you’re doing is not necessarily the best thing for you or your children – WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  If I was round at their houses constantly questioning their discipline style or cooking style they would soon get fed up with me or if I constantly gave them the “well i do it this way because” speech they would get rattled. 

I just want to remember I don’t judge them so they should stop judging me.


2 thoughts on “Just because I home ed doesnt mean you have to justify why you dont.

  1. Hello Cheryl,
    Have you heard the expression ” me thinks she does protest too much”? When people continually go on about your choices, it means that they are not ok with their own choices. It’s their own insecurities that are speaking. It’s not even about you and your children. That’s the odd part of human behavior, what we do and say is all about us.
    I am not a home-school parent, in fact I am a grandparent who just happened upon your blog because I am interested in home schooling. I wish that I had done it with my own kids. Now, I would like to see my little grandson home schooled ( and I am prepared to do it myself). So I will be keeping an eye on your blog and other websites on the subject. I think you said that you were planning to put your own website together. If you need help with that, check out SBI ( Site Build It). They are an amazing company! Also, you may want to take a look at the website that I have created with their help: http://www.self-esteem-the-simple-truth.com
    Hope to talk to you again.

  2. Hi Janet,

    thank you for encouraging reply. I really should not let myself get so worked up about these things but some part of me needed to assert myself and make it clear that this is my decision and really just stand up for myself a little. It was very theraputic!!

    Home schooling is a big decision for some and for others it is just a natural course of life, and many parents have told me how they wish they had home taught their children and it’s lovely that you would be willing to help home school your grand child – you will have to keep me informed of how that goes. xox

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