Top products to protect your skin in the cold.

I have been struggling over the winter months with really dry sore skin on my face especially my fore-head, after trying several products I have found a few that are amazing.

Clarins, hydration serum is amazing, after using if for nearly a week, the difference to my skin is just wonderful, you can use in with the cream if you like, I have tried both but I feel that the serum is the real wonder product, it cost from £37.00-£39.00 depending on where you buy it, but it will last a long time.

My next two must have products are from benefit, their total moisture face cream is to die for, it feels like heaven going onto the face and is enriched with so many delicious ingredients a must have at £26.50 this will go a long way.

I normally use benefits Dr feel good primer but have found my skin has been too dry lately so I tried their new professional which has silicone in it, what a difference this has made, another great buy which will protect your skin from the elements and keep makeup in its place.


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