The Mozart effect with a bit of art and craft.

So it’s fair to say that my kids have never been huge fans of classical music, they really love to rock it out-however I decided to go against the grain and get some of these Mozart effect cds from our local library, and guess what they have been amazing.

They come in a whole range from baby to children such as Mozart on the go to dream, relax and draw. 

During our last few arts and craft sessions I decided to play them in the background – i normally play classical music so the kids are used to this.

I have been impressed with how calm they have been especially the youngest it definitely seems to have promoted a soothing learning environment and whats more the kids have noticed how many tunes they have heard from period dramas such as pride and prejudice we have watched !!


So homeschooling for me has been so much about teaching the kids what they need so they don’t get left behind, so many people feel that homeschooling is just wrong that I guess in some way I don’t want them to have a reason to say they see that in my kids and it’s not as common to home school in the uk as it seems to be in the usa and other areas. I have found it really hard though especially with the youngest who has shown little interest in anything except drawing and playing games.  The panic began to settle in and I had been seriously wondering if I made the right decision.

This is when I happened to stumble across the blog of Jenny ,

and it was just hat I needed the advice she gives on unschooling is fantastic – it was reading this that I established what the problem was.  I took my kids out of school to give them a new freedom to learn and yet I have implemented the same completely structured environment at home and have wondered why it just has not worked – crazy really however in my defence I have only been doing this for a few months.

Her video titled (which is just one of many great vids):

how our unschooling family plans our homeschooling year…

really got me thinking and I decided to stop worrying about what I think they should learn and get them more involved in what they want to learn. So I decided to help them create a personal learning folder or lap book they decorated it themselves and then got them on little bits of card to write down all the things that really interested them – when the lapbooks are dry the plan is to create a personal learning plan inside with each child and just go with their learning desire – just the thought of this has already made them so excited that this term they get to choose what they want and don’t want to do.
Ok so truth be told I am a bit nervous about this but I am going to break away from my vision of home schooling and allow them to dive into their own.

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