Does home schooling improve self esteem?

 (Information taken from www.parenting-ed-org)

Some Facts About Self-Esteem

*Children begin forming beliefs about themselves early in life.

*Children look to parents and other important adults for evidence that they’re lovable, smart, capable, etc. If they don’t get this evidence, low self-esteem develops.

*Self-esteem affects school success. Children who feel good about themselves and their abilities are much more likely to do well in school than children who often think they can’t do things right. School success, in turn, affects a child’s self-esteem. How children do in school will affect how they feel about themselves. Children who do poorly in school often think poorly of themselves.

*Self-esteem affects how children relate to other people. Children who feel good about themselves tend to have positive relationships with other people. On the other hand, children who don’t like themselves often have trouble relating to other people.

*Self-esteem affects creativity. Children with low self-esteem are less likely to take the risks involved in being creative than children with healthy self-esteem.

*Parents affect their children’s self-esteem. A parent’s self-esteem is reflected in his or her parenting style. Research shows that children with high self-esteem tend to have parents who show their children lots of love and acceptance. Children with low self-esteem tend to have parents who are judgmental and critical.

*Children with low self-esteem tend to have more battles with their parents than do children with healthy self-esteem.

The above is information of children’s feeling of self-worth and value, which of course is something we carry through to adult hood.  I can think of many occasions as a child which still haunt me as an adult and bring back feelings of guilt and nervousness etc

I know that one of the big arguments with home schooling is that children do not socialize properly something which most of us home schoolers whole heartedly disagree with. 

The reason I am bringing this up is that I believe that grouping a bunch of children together because they are the same age and have the same postcode and then expecting them to just get on – and make life long friendships is completely unnatural .  It’s hard enough to get on with people in your own family at time the people you really love and have things in common with. However there are some who meet the man or woman of their dreams in school, their best friend for life are they just fortunate? Would they still have chosen these friends or partners if not put in the same situation? 

Most people I have discussed this with feel that school in one way or another shook their confidence made them feel inferior and still to this day they dread not being accepted or approved of, (even those of us who hate to admit we have those feelings.)  I am one of these people I dread the thought of seeing so-called old school mates, what would they think of the extra pounds gained? Of the fact I don’t have high-profile job? And even though I can reason with myself that as a home schooling mom and a good wife I have the best job in the world the worry still remains??? 

I think much of my self-doubt and worry stems from the experiences I had at school and its one of the reasons I home educate my children to free them from the so-called socialization which in my mind more often than not makes them feel inferior? Are we damaging them though? Teaching them it’s ok to be them and then sending them out in the world with people who have been raised to cope such situations? 

I would like to hear your thoughts in your opinion does home schooling improve self-esteem preparing our young ones for adult life in the real world??


Just because I home ed doesnt mean you have to justify why you dont.

I am really getting fed up in some ways of how people even my friends keep trying to make me feel bad because I have made the decision to home school and they havent. 

When I see parents take their children to school not a single thought goes through my mind, I don’t judge them, hate them disagree with them, each person has the right to raise their children the way they wish.

However when people realise I home school my children, and in fact have taken them out of school suddenly it seems that so many of them feel they need to justify the reason that they don’t home school and reel of a list of reasons why they had thought about home schooling yet just could never cope with it and how school produces such rounded out individuals and really I am not helping my children by sheltering – do they even have a clue?

Fair enough if you have tried it or put in the time to research it properly  and feel it’s not right than say so, but don’t try to make other feel bad just because you think that as a home schooling parent we think we are better – it’s just not true.

No one should have to defend their reasons for putting their children in school or teaching them at home, explain and give experience yes, but not defend its not fair.

I know I shouldnt let this get me annoyed but after months you would have thought that some people would have found something else to talk about I am still human, and have other interests, I don’t want to spend all my time talking about why I home school.  Yet when you become annoyed people feel they have found the weak link in your armour that your being overly sensitive because you know really what you’re doing is not necessarily the best thing for you or your children – WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  If I was round at their houses constantly questioning their discipline style or cooking style they would soon get fed up with me or if I constantly gave them the “well i do it this way because” speech they would get rattled. 

I just want to remember I don’t judge them so they should stop judging me.

Top products to protect your skin in the cold.

I have been struggling over the winter months with really dry sore skin on my face especially my fore-head, after trying several products I have found a few that are amazing.

Clarins, hydration serum is amazing, after using if for nearly a week, the difference to my skin is just wonderful, you can use in with the cream if you like, I have tried both but I feel that the serum is the real wonder product, it cost from £37.00-£39.00 depending on where you buy it, but it will last a long time.

My next two must have products are from benefit, their total moisture face cream is to die for, it feels like heaven going onto the face and is enriched with so many delicious ingredients a must have at £26.50 this will go a long way.

I normally use benefits Dr feel good primer but have found my skin has been too dry lately so I tried their new professional which has silicone in it, what a difference this has made, another great buy which will protect your skin from the elements and keep makeup in its place.

Freezer cooking day!! Meals done for the month

It sounds like a lot of work I know but seriously this is fantastic and the hassle it takes out of the rest of the month is unreal.

So basically using the printables at the end of this post, plan out the meals which your family would enjoy and are suitable for home freezing:- here are just a few


Lasange,  Cottage Pie, Shepard’s’ pie, Fisherman’s pie, Chicken curry etc, Chilli concarne, Enchilada’s I made both beef and chicken, pasta bakes, chicken pasta bakes etc.

I also made up chapati dough, pizza dough, naan bread etc, and froze, its important to remember that if you are going to make dough, wrap it up twice in cling film then put into a freezer bag, this will protect all your hard work.


This is important you need to decide when your freezer cooking day is going to be, and make sure you have everything you need.  This is also when you plan out portion sizes. 

This can be done deciding on the size of dish your going to store your food in.  I have added a gallery with some of the dishes that I have purchased and used to store my cooked goods. I have a family of five, two adults and three children so you need to work out what be suitable for your family.

I know it sounds complicated but really it’s not.  If your on a budget then places like Iceland are great, you can go in and buy a big bag of mince , chicken etc and it’s already prepared for you and yes once its been cooked from frozen it can be re-frozen I have done this more than once with great success.  Your initial spend might seem like a lot I spent £113.00 in Iceland but the evening meals lasted for four and a half weeks which really is not bad going and in that I had purchased several breakfast items such as frozen crumpets, croissants etc.


Plan your meals out using the printables and you will be amazed at how quickly you get into the swing of it , you will feel amazing proud of your self when you see all your meals in the freezer, and whats more will have saved yourself a lot of headache for the following nights to come.

How to create a blog!!

I was having a look around the netmums site today and found this really useful section on blogging.

For all those moms who would like to set up a blog for either pleasure, business or both this site has some really great tips.

It’s also an amazing place to meet up with other moms who share similar life experiences.

There are some great deals to be had for those who have the time to have a good shop around the site.

Anyway here’s the link for all your blogging needs

Praise for Debra Reed and her fantastic resources

I first came across Debra’s site a few months ago, I loved her work and have since been to purchase several pieces of the digital artwork she uses for my own home schooling uses – amazing stuff.  Now the truth is I have not been able to use all the forms on her site as they just have not been what I needed but so many of them have been amazing – just perfect for brightening up a dull planner.

I then discovered her sister site which although at first may seem expensive is so not when you realise just how much work has gone into creating all the wonderful forms she has put together – it has taken so much time and hassle out of my day and the children love her work – found the most beautiful heart covered notebooking pages so sweet. I have also managed to pick up some great tips from her site on lapbooking etc.

Its well worth a look for any busy homeschooling mom you wont be disappointed.

Thanks Debra for making my life sooooooooo much easier and my kiddies schooling experience better.

The Mozart effect with a bit of art and craft.

So it’s fair to say that my kids have never been huge fans of classical music, they really love to rock it out-however I decided to go against the grain and get some of these Mozart effect cds from our local library, and guess what they have been amazing.

They come in a whole range from baby to children such as Mozart on the go to dream, relax and draw. 

During our last few arts and craft sessions I decided to play them in the background – i normally play classical music so the kids are used to this.

I have been impressed with how calm they have been especially the youngest it definitely seems to have promoted a soothing learning environment and whats more the kids have noticed how many tunes they have heard from period dramas such as pride and prejudice we have watched !!


So homeschooling for me has been so much about teaching the kids what they need so they don’t get left behind, so many people feel that homeschooling is just wrong that I guess in some way I don’t want them to have a reason to say they see that in my kids and it’s not as common to home school in the uk as it seems to be in the usa and other areas. I have found it really hard though especially with the youngest who has shown little interest in anything except drawing and playing games.  The panic began to settle in and I had been seriously wondering if I made the right decision.

This is when I happened to stumble across the blog of Jenny ,

and it was just hat I needed the advice she gives on unschooling is fantastic – it was reading this that I established what the problem was.  I took my kids out of school to give them a new freedom to learn and yet I have implemented the same completely structured environment at home and have wondered why it just has not worked – crazy really however in my defence I have only been doing this for a few months.

Her video titled (which is just one of many great vids):

how our unschooling family plans our homeschooling year…

really got me thinking and I decided to stop worrying about what I think they should learn and get them more involved in what they want to learn. So I decided to help them create a personal learning folder or lap book they decorated it themselves and then got them on little bits of card to write down all the things that really interested them – when the lapbooks are dry the plan is to create a personal learning plan inside with each child and just go with their learning desire – just the thought of this has already made them so excited that this term they get to choose what they want and don’t want to do.
Ok so truth be told I am a bit nervous about this but I am going to break away from my vision of home schooling and allow them to dive into their own.

Best books adults or childrens.!

Hi everyone if you anything like  my family book play a huge role in daily life, my eldest devours them like candy, and reading is something I love to do when I get a spare moment.

I am interested to find out what other moms like to read either themselves or with their children, I am always looking for the next good read.

I dont mind whether its fact or fiction there all good.

Hello!! Back again.

Hi everyone its good to be back again.

Had a crazy few weeks the radiators burst in our house and flooded the place and we ended up by having to move house – major pain but this is life and it happens.

Getting myself back on track this new year and we will be starting our new school term on Monday next week – its been a bit delayed due to the move.

Can’t wait to get started again feel very rested and look forward to catching up