When you feel like giving up.

Well the last few week shave been hard going and I have seriously doubted my ability to home school my children as some of you already know.

I put up a post asking for help and I had some lovely advice from some lovely friends.  It made be re-evaluate the reasons why I wanted to home school my children and could I really put them back into a public school?

The answer is NO I can’t – looking at my children and seeing their happy faces and how much stress has been lifted off them I just could not in all honesty put them back.  I have prayed a lot lately asking God to help me see my way through this the first thing I learnt is never make a decision when you are really feeling ill and low, you will most likely regret it (off course if it’s a long-term illness that’s something different) but try to wait till your head is in a semi right place and really question yourself hard, not just about what you want to do but how you will live with the decision after you have made it.

I feel so encouraged after reading so many blogs on women who have struggled through pregnancy and other illnesses and yet they still home school and do a good job of it – thank you for inspiring me.


I found some really good advice on this site about getting the basics of home schooling right : www.myhomeschoolingweb.com/planning/fundamentals/organize.htm


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