The funny things kids do/Funny friday

Hang in with this story you all will be revealed…

When dog sitting for my brother I found she had done a little whoopsie on his bedroom floor, and of course when returning home relayed this to my hubby.

He replied “That’s why I would never have a dog, they are so messy”   “seriously” i said “it’s not her fault, what would you do if you had no hands and needed to go in room that you couldn’t get out of?

He said “I would find a boot or something to go in” “A BOOT ” I said “better no one goes to the toilet in my boot or I would kill them” I replied.

So the night continues, Nesh is using the bathroom and all three kids are pestering him saying they need to go so can he hurry up – as is always the way. 

Then I walk into the living room to find my five-year old straddling Nesh’s work boot peeing into it!!

“What are you doing I cry” 

“Well daddy said it’s better to go in a boot than on the floor and I was going to pee myself he said”  in all innocence –  “I found the messiest boot I could” (hubby is a builder so messy boots)

I am in stitches my husband did not find it as funny (those boots went in the bin )- it just shows that our kids heat a lot more than we realise!!



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