A new day!!/Other great home moms!!

I have had some lovely advice in the keep going and don’t beat yourself up arena and I am so grateful, this is the wonderful thing about social networking you meet some wonderful people who are just there to help and support because they want to. 

The kids did their morning chores and then asked if they could watch a film I was tired and normally would panic and think you can’t watch tv on a school day but today said yes ok, because by the afternoon I will be back on top of things and can do some relaxed maths lessons we are working on vertical maths, have attached some worksheets at the end for anyone who wants to have a go.

Oh and my baby sis is getting married in the morning, unfortunately because of the distance and time of year I can not go but they have a hone link in the hall so will be sitting here listening to the whole thing and then she will travel down afterwards and her and new hubby will stay with us on the 25th this month so excited.   My eight year old Mia wanted to give them a gift and she got one of my cheques and wrote ONE HUG AND KISS EACH on the cheque and put it inside the envelope, so cute, they loved it.  I love my children they are so kind and well-mannered i feel that God has truly blessed my family and I never forget that my children are a gift from him so even when i feel like I am on my own or  not good enough I just look at them and know that he remembered me and blesses me everyday of my life.


 vertical addition year six

vertical addition year two

vertical addtion year 3

vertical addition year one


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