How do you keep going when you feel so tired?

I have been home schooling now for over two months and I am wrecked – not because I don’t enjoy having my children here but because I am sick, the doc’s think it is two issues, Thyroid/endometriosis I  have to  get bloods done next week.  Due to the whole hormone thing I suffer with really bad migraines and any one knows three kids and a sore head don’t mix.  There must be loads of homeschooling moms who have been ill during their time as home schoolers, how do you keep going, when you feel like you can’t cope anymore.

I desperately want to be a good mom and wife but am struggling with tiredness so much and I don’t want my kids to miss out because of my weaknesses.

Life right now is tough!!!


4 thoughts on “How do you keep going when you feel so tired?

  1. I have thyroid disease, too, so I definitely know how you feel. Some days I look at all the things the other moms have going and I wonder how I can ever do it all! But I’ve asked some of the other moms, and they’re miserable. Too busy to think. Too tired. Worth it, but they wish it would just slow down so they could enjoy it.

    And they feel powerless to stop it! So sometimes I really think of my sluggishness (when the meds are wrong, not all the time!) as more of a blessing. It allows me to cut out the unnecessary things and focus on the very basic things my kids need. We do a lot of couch-schooling so I don’t have to stand when I’m not feeling well. ;0) You’re going to be ok! Just don’t get caught up in thinking that what you can do isn’t enough.

    The truth is that what a lot of people call homeschooling is really just a whole lot of icing on very little cake. Focus on the cake!

    • Thanks Cindy,

      so encouraged by your comments, your right though the most important thing is happy kids and I have have happy, safe secure children who love me.

      I know they are learning and I guess in many ways they are learning patience and empathy as I have already seen and they are very respectful of me what mom could ask for more.

      I guess even I need to break away from the whole traditional sitting at a table and learning approach and adapt it to my family after all that is what home schooling is all about.

  2. I haven’t been sick but I have homeschooling through two pregnancies and I was pretty useless with the last one. A friend once told me not to worry “they’ll know how to read before they get married”. Find resources they can explore on their own, give them blocks, Legos, boxes and newspaper and tape and let them create on their own. They ARE not learning, even when you can’t do ‘formal’ work with them. Cuddle in bed and read, but do not stress about it. Take care of mom, and if you ever need help finding ideas just ask:).

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful words, It makes me feel so encouraged and also more focused on what my aim was when taking them out of school. Many of my friends here in the UK don’t agree with home schooling they think school is better and i get a lot of “you have no life” said to me that does not help when you already feel like giving up some days. Will hold onto your advice and and keep going.

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