Meal time at the Kumars/weight struggle

We make a bit of deal of meal times in this house, it’s the time we get to sit together and just relax, and there is nothing better than for a mama to watch her little chicklings tucking away into something delicious.

I like to do an array of things, in different colours, so it appeals to the eye. I want my children to love food and make the most of their meal times but not to go over board.  I have struggled with my weight for many years and developed quite a guilty relationship with food – thinking I should only eat when essential and then going over board because I have under nourished my body. Having three beautiful children has really encouraged me see the different side of food, and I don’t want them to struggle with what should be a very simple thing.

My hubby is a builder so he needs a hearty meal but of course he needs it to be healthy – even though he is a healthy eater though and exercises a lot he has still developed a middle aged pot (bless him) he quite likes it makes him feel well looked after, but non the less I do worry about it as I feel like it means I am not feeding him the right food. 

But seriously although we all know what is good and what is bad for us, it’s not easy walking through those shop isles and picking up all th healthy stuff when the cold weather makes you want to reach for a bit of something warm and gooey.

Non the less I am trying – I have attached a few pics of todays lunch, I love to be a bit artistic with it..

I might add that this is for five people and there is always a bit left for snacks x



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