Cleaning schedule & home schooling.

I am asked by  friends how I manage to juggle home schooling three children and keeping a house clean – the truth is sometimes with great difficulty.  Quite simply if I don’t plan I don’t get it all done, i find that there are so many things buzzing around my head it’s hard to keep on top of things from memory.

I created a basic daily routine form and daily cleaning checklist, I keep these together, and have attached a copy below with a sample of todays morning routine.

I highlight each morning or the night before each thing that needs to be done and then tick it off when it is done – some of these jobs I will assign to the children, either way the tick still counts..

The jobs I know are done regularly are just left in black but some are highlighted so i remember their importance and also know I need to allows extra time for these things as they are not always as easy to fit into the schedule.

I have to say the children are wonderful and always help around the house they truly appreciate the opportunity they have been given to home school and don’t want to take advantage this makes me so proud, having wonderful children is half the battle won in keeping a clean home.

my basic cleaning checklist



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