Children’s chore charts / not fit for the world

One of the things I have found is that homeschooling three children means everyone seriously needs to chip in with the housework.  I have had friends tell me that my children won’t be able to fit into the world of work properly because I am sheltering them from reality.

Well here is my reality, all three of my children aged 6, 8 and 10 can duct, sweep, vacuum, strip and make bed, wash up & dry up, put their own washing in the machine, dry it, fold it and pack it away.

They get up every morning and shower themselves, and keep to their own little schedules.

They can also make a wicked cup of tea or coffee , their own breakfast if needed that includes porridge and toast, and the list goes on

My ten year old is also learning to iron.

is it all bore and hard work – o we make and fun and work along together as a family, of course I am always keeping an eye, but they don’t necessarily know that as i still want them to develop independence.  They also earn some money for their chores so they already realise that if you don’t work hard and do the job properly you don’t reap the benefits – in my mind they already have the basis of understanding the adult working world.

I found a fantastic chore chart on

Now I am still waiting for the proper tools to turn up from amazon so i decided to create a makeshift chore chart using the guidelines found on this site, take a look at the pics below – i had a bit of extra red paint to created a square free hand on the wall just to add a splash of colour.



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