Fire, Muzzy and the fears of home schooling.

Ohh, i got my chimney swept yesterday, this is quite a silly thing to get excited about but yes I have.  We moved into this house in August this year and fire-place was all boarded up, I decided a few days ago to bite the bullet and take away the boarding and call in a chimney sweep – success.

We have a beautiful raging fire last night and this morning I took great pleasure in setting up the fire and getting it going.  The kids love it and are all sitting watching Muzzy learning French while drinking tea and warming themselves on the fire. It’s so lovely to see.


We have a few things planned today obviously French they love Muzzy sent off for it the other day as you get a free trial so even non homeschoolers should seriously give this ago its fantastic even if your child is still a baby immerse them in the different languages you will be amazed at what a difference it makes to their abilities. 

The site is and find the English site, my kids were so excited when I introduced Muzzy quite literally it comes with a Muzzy teddy and they sit and hold him when they are doing the lesson so cute!! (We have a muzzy holding rota in place to stop fights.)

The kids will be doing their spelling and reading today, when my six-year-old came out of year two he could barely read a thing now he is reading more fluently than even I was expecting. It’s always scary as a mom wondering if you have what it takes to teach your child – well yes you do, you have common sense and knowledge of what a person needs to survive in this world after all you have made it this far, use this as the basis for teaching and remember you are learning on the way as well.


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