It’s that time of the day again.

Well it’s another morning another full day and winter has well and truly set in the Sunny Isles of the United Kingdom. The weather has dithered a bit lately one day cold one day sunny but for the last week it has just been miserable.  To make matter worse, I got in my car yesterday on our way to the library a weekly Monday tradition, only to find it would not start!!  Turns out my CAM belt had gone and it’s going to cost hundreds to fix 😦 not the best news I’ve had in a while.

I have decided to look on the positive though and see it as a chance to get a little more exercise. We live in an area where everything is accessable by bus or walking and the kids don’t seem to mind so I am going to view it as an adventure and a way to save a little money- let’s see if I am this optimistic at the end of the week.  The car you see is very old and really not worth spending the money on so we will have to purchase a new one, my husband will not take out credit and rightly so he is a cash man, save up and pay for it, but even a cheap car now a days can be incredibly expensive if you want something that won’t break down in a week.  So I will be on the hunt for cars soon but for now I have so much to do I am not going to worry about it.


We have a lot planned for today, we will be learning our Senses song, over the past few weeks we have been doing a project on our bodies, and of course the five senses have to be at the top of the list. Each sense comes with its own little singing verse, if you would like to know it let me know and I will be sure to post it.  Today our little choir will be putting it all together in anticipation of a performance for Nanny & Grandad on Skype.

The children always have a spelling test on Mondays and on Tuesday I give them their new spelling lists, they don’t seem to mind at ll in fact they quite enjoy it – my children seem to be quite good little spellers which needless to say makes my job a little easier.

Anyway it’s time to pop off and clean up the breakfast things in a minute lets hope today turns out to be brighter than the weather.


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