Julia & Julia

I watched a bit of the film Julia & Julia yesterday while folding a large pile of newly dried towels – it was hilarious, it stars Meryl Strep and Amy Adams I think, the girl who played in Enchanted.

Amy who plays one of the Julia’s is seriously concerned about the fact that no one reads or comments her blog – and when she finally gets a comment it’s from her mother which she feels does not count!!   Some of the scenes portray states we have all got ourselves into but certainly would not display in public unless of course being paid millions such as these ladies.

I have not had chance to watch the rest yet, non the less the good old sky record button came in handy and when I find half an hour to myself (I wish) I may get to watch the rest. I would seriously recommend it though a definite pick you up movie.

 Click on the following link to review the movie:http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1135503/


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